Did you know that in 2020 the Dominican Republic had three million tourists visiting this country? There's a reason that millions of people flock to this fabulous vacation destination. We have put together this guide to share our top tips for planning the perfect Dominican Republic vacation. 

Read on to learn these vacation planning tips.

Choose When to Visit

We recommend planning your trip during the best weather Dominican Republic has to offer. From late November until February you will have breezy evening and mornings. During these months the rain showers are not as common, so you don't have to worry about dealing with rain during your getaway. 

The temperatures are in the lower 80s up to mid 80s, so you can enjoy some fun in the sun while others are dealing with snow. 

Getting Around

Depending on where you choose to stay there is public transportation available once you arrive in the airport. There are also large coach buses or smaller van buses that connect different parts of the country and can take you from one town to the other. 

Dominican Republic also has taxis that transport you on a motorbike or there is always the option to rent a car as well. Check out this guide to learn more details about getting from town to town. 

Where to Stay

There is a place to stay that fits every budget and taste. From boutique hotels to hostels to familiar name brand hotels, there is something for everyone. The Dominican Republic is well known for their all-inclusive resorts where you pay one price and don't have to worry about paying anything else (other than souvenirs) once you check in. 

Some popular destinations include Santo Domingo, Punta Cana, and Puerto Plata. 

Currency Exchange

Even though you can usually use money from the United States, we recommend exchanging your money for their local currency (pesos) because you can usually get a better deal on gifts and food. If you are coming from another country, every resort has a foreign currency exchange office available. 

The airports also have places to exchange your money and they have ATMs to take out money.

Learn a Bit of Spanish

The local language is Spanish, so it is a good idea to learn a few simple words to help you out, such as “Hola” (hello) and “Gracias” (thank you). You can also download an app on your phone to help you translate if you find yourself dealing with someone that doesn't understand you at all. 

Typically, when you go to busy tourist sites there is always someone available to speak in English and help translate information. 

Ready to Plan the Perfect Dominican Republic Vacation?

Now that you learned our top tips to planning your Dominican Republic vacation, you can set your vacation budget and start planning your perfect vacation. 

If you are looking for more vacation tips, keep browsing our travel section for more guides.