Snowboarding was not considered an Olympic sport until 1998. While it is one of the most beloved professional sports now, its recognition as a serious sport is still relatively new.

If you have ever snowboarded, you know it takes tons of hard work and muscle. There’s a lot of different gear involved, and many different types of snowboards.

While it seems a little daunting, it’s also a whole lot of fun. If you’d like to get into the snowboarding game, you need to learn how you want to do it.

To do that, read our guide below to explore all the different types of snowboards.

All Mountain

If you’re looking for a snowboard that rocks in any terrain condition, the all-mountain is it. These are the best snowboards for exploring anywhere on a mountain, from backcountry slopes to groomed runs, and even halfpipes and terrain parks.

Because they are so versatile, they are one of the most popular types of snowboards.

Some all-mountain boards are directional, meaning they can only be ridden in one direction. You can also find twin boards, allowing you to ride in either direction.


If you’re going snowboarding with tricks on the top of your mind, a freestyle snowboard is what you need.

These light, short, and flexible boards are designed to do tricks and jumps. They are often used in terrain parks and half pipes.

Freestyle boards are not made for stability, so be wary of going too fast in hard snow.


The freeride is almost the opposite of the freestyle. This board is stiff and directional, always pointing downhill. The freeride board is made for ungroomed snow, so it’s perfect for adventuring after a storm.

It’s made to carve through fresh powder, so if you’re looking to explore the backcountry, this board will provide the stability to be able to do so.


If you’re looking for snowboard gear that can handle deep snow, the powder board is for you. This board is specially designed to handle deep powder, with its tapered shape and wide nose, medium stiffness, and particular binding inserts.

This board can only be used in deep snow, so it’s generally one you would have along with other types of snowboards.


When you think of snowboarding essentials, you probably don’t think of skis. Yet, a split board is a snowboard that breaks in half, allowing you to use the two parts like skis to explore backcountry slopes.

When you’re done and ready to go downhill, you snap them back together to recreate your snowboard.

These are best used for experienced and adventurous snowboarders that want to explore areas that are largely unpatrolled.

To use this board, you will also need to invest in a split kit and climbing skins, which you can often find at snow sport rental services, like

Explore All the Different Types of Snowboards

If you’re interested in getting into snowboarding, learning about the different types of snowboards is an excellent first step. Now, you can better understand what you want to get from the activity, so you can choose a board that will work best for you.

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